Приглашаем Вас повлиять на будущее своей общины и развивать молодёжную жизнь еврейских общин по всему миру
All regions
Local coordinator
Anna Maylis
Talking Holocaust
The aim of this project is to strengthen the awareness of the importance of remembering historical events. It seeks to encourage discussions about the Holocaust from a contemporary perspective, and to promote connectivity with Israel. Workshops and panel discussions feature experienced presenters who guide young adults, teenagers and children on how to talk to their parents and grandparents about their personal experiences during the Holocaust and in the ensuing decades, and to create opportunities for participants to meet Holocaust survivors and hear their life stories.
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Paula Dvuchbabny
Limmud FSU Pop-Ups
Through social and educational events, this project seeks to raise awareness of the concept of Limmud FSU festivals among young adults of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in Australia. The project aims to keep engagement with Limmud FSU alive between the major events, and will involve young adults in organizing events specially developed for Jewish youth from a Russian-speaking background and thus strengthen and enrich Russian-speaking Jewish communities.
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Inna Polura
Shabbat Dinner Limmud Style
Our project offers a different format of Kabbalat Shabbat that focuses on the educational and cultural aspects of Shabbat, with an additional "Russian twist," such as traditional food and music, references to Russian–Jewish literature and history, as well as family and community values that are shared by Jewish immigrants from the FSU.
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Maria Gelvan
Souper Chag
Souper Chag Events is a community initiative based on a series of Kabbalot Shabbat and the celebration of Jewish festivals that will bring together various groups within the Melbourne Jewish community. The events will help members of the target audience gain the sense of belonging to the community and reunite with their friends after the long COVID lockdown. The participants will be provided with opportunities to listen to speakers and professional presenters, will be exposed to informal Jewish education, will learn about culture and Jewish identity, and meet other members of the community. Every event will include Shabbat dinner and a special program organized and led by a group of volunteers, and will reach out to unengaged community members.
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Local coordinator
Elena Kulevnich
Olga Vishedko
Jew Club
Jew Club is a project for previously unengaged Jews to be introduced to the Jewish world, to feel comfortable and to learn about various aspects of Jewish life. All meetings will be held in an unusual and interactive way. In addition to shorter meetings there will also be a series of seminars.
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Aleksey Mikov
Jewish Quest
Jewish Quest is a project about the history of Jewish towns in Belarus that includes a form of treasure hunt and travel by teams of participants to these places. Participants learn about the history and culture of famous people from Belarus who have become prominent figures in the world. Each team fulfills a series of tasks and advances along a specific route. At a certain point in the search all the participants meet, discuss their journey, and share experiences and impressions. The project concludes with a communal Shabbat celebration.
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Dina Usova and Georgi Radinskiy
Your District
An accelerator for the development of ideas for social projects. The study program includes theoretical and practical classes taught by experienced teachers. At the conclusion of the semester, the participant will have a ready-made social project that embodies the concept of Tikkun Olam, thereby motivating participants to improve the world around them.
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Ekaterina Dodoleva
Wheel of Talents
Wheel of Talents is a project to develop talents in the sphere of photography, cinema and theater of creative young Jews based on examples of well-known Jews. The project is run through seminars, workshops and art meetings, culminating in a communal event.
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Local coordinator
Mila Voihanski
Yulia Elgina (Sultan-Shakh)
Limmud FSU Labs Atlantic Canada
This new and enriching community initiative will connect families from Russian-speaking Jewish backgrounds. The program will include a variety of events for the entire family such as lecture series, cooking classes, and holiday celebrations.
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Regina Teplitsky
Limmud FSU Labs Winnipeg
Limmud FSU Labs Winnipeg is a new project that is committed to strengthening Jewish life and engaging Russian-speaking Jewish Winnipegers in programs that empower community network and connections, and encourage creations of unique educational experiences while forming a core group of active participants who are committed to participating in learning activities and communal events.
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Oxana Pasternak
Volunteer 101
In order to ensure a strong leadership, high-level leadership development enrichment programming is critical. In an environment where being Jewish is a choice, inspiring young generations to embrace Jewish life must be a top priority. Our goal is to identify and educate potential Russian-speaking Jewish leaders, teach them our common Jewish values, especially Hesed, Tzedaka, Klal Israel and Tikkun Olam, and integrate them in leadership roles within the Montreal Jewish Community.
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Tatiana Kastner
Russian Jewish Round Table Edmonton
Russian Jewish Round Table Edmonton seeks to bring together Edmonton's families and individuals with a Russian Jewish background and facilitate their connection to Jewish and Israeli culture. Monthly interactive online workshops will be dedicated to learning about either an upcoming Jewish holiday, a tradition or a historical event, and will be accompanied by the preparation of a traditional dish led by a world-renowned chef and food blogger.
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Local coordinator
Egor Ertagaev
Daria Bobok
Green Vision
The goal of Green Vision is to raise awareness to environmental issues, draw parallels with what is written in the Torah, explore Israel's approach to environmental protection, learn not to harm the environment, give a "second" life to everyday objects, take care of one's health, and, most important, provide a learning experience to members of the Jewish community, their friends and relatives.
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Shimshon Izakson
Talk with a Rabbi
The Jewish life of a Jew is filled with various "midrashim" on topics that arise in everyday life. Discussing issues of the secular world, the world of Jewish tradition, and of Israel is one of the goals of the Talk with a Rabbi project. At meetings with lecturers from abroad and with the Rabbi Shimshon himself, young people from Chisinau, Tiraspol and Balti will have the opportunity to learn about interesting topics and ask timely questions face to face, and, what is most important, get the answers.
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Yura Oganisyan
Intellectual Casino
The Intellectual Casino League is a series of games spread over eight meetings. Each meeting consists of four rounds, each round is made up of different intellectual tasks that pose questions from various areas of knowledge.
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Local coordinator
Limmud FSU Labs
Dmitry Zhuravlev
Game Quiz Legacy
We invite young people to take part in a series of educational quizzes with an interconnected storyline. The results of the participants in one game influence the development of future events.
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New York and USA
East Coast
Local coordinator
Limmud FSU Labs
Khatul Madan
Khatul Madan is a Jewish cultural and educational project for the whole family that combines informative lectures, fascinating excursions, practical master classes and entertaining evenings devoted to the history and culture of the Jewish people. Programs are conducted in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.
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Sasha Grebenyuk
Jookender Young Adults Group
The initiative is to run a year-round program, including a group retreat, on building community resilience and Jewish pride, for young adults aged 22-45. Participants will gain immersive experience in "Jewishness" and hands-on experience in creating community programming, ranging from learning about Jewish history, traditions, and contemporary Jewish life, understanding their own place in the Jewish world, and examining the general idea of Tikkun Olam and how they can give back to the community and the world.
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Manashe Khaimov
SAMi Live
We at SAMi (Sephardic American Mizrahi Initiative) aim to develop a leadership pipeline among Sephardi and Mizrahi students and empower them to take leadership roles on college campuses and within their respective communities, while simultaneously promoting, developing, and advancing Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewish talent to transition into roles as Jewish communal professionals.
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Center Makor
Limmud RSU Mini-me
The Limmud FSU Mini-me is an attempt to create one community-wide programming network for Russian-speaking Jewish young adults in the greater Boston Area. The idea is to create a series of different events around the Jewish calendar including Kabbalat Shabbat and Jewish/Israeli holiday celebrations. Each event will contain different educational, community, leadership, and activist network-building activities such as lectures, speakers, and games.
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St. Petersburg and the North West Russia
Local coordinator
Iuliia Anokhina
Yuliana Grigorovich
A series of informal meetings on a variety of topics and in various formats – lectures, conversations, gatherings, community events – all conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere. People will have the opportunity to meet each other and make friends with people with similar interests, while also benefiting the community. It will also include shared opportunities to volunteer.
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Arkady Stein
Growth and Development
An initiative developed for people who want to see results from their charitable activities, to make a personal contribution to the life of the community, for whom it is important that their opinion and voice are heard and taken into account. We seek to develop the cultural Jewish life of St. Petersburg, so that young leaders have more opportunities to meet each other, can better understand their history, and learn to apply Jewish ethics and traditions to their life.
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Svetlana Krolichenko
A project that offers intellectual tastings on various topics that straddle the realms of science and religious knowledge. Exclusive speakers, serious topics, fascinating discussions. Events are held only in real time and face to face, and are not broadcast on the Internet. A project for people interested in science and Judaism, high-level lectures, acquiring new knowledge, in arguments and the exchange of opinions.
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Local coordinator
Olena Kolpakova
Elena Feldman
Jewish Mediation
The project will introduce participants to traditional Jewish approaches as well as modern psychology approaches to conflict resolution, mediation and coaching on how to build relationships, behavior in conflict situations, and the use of effective communication skills. A series of lectures with practical exercises will allow young people to gain skills in getting out of conflicts and avoiding them.
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Yuri Sergeev
Brain Labs
Intellectual games, tournaments, quizzes and interactive team intellectual competitions in various formats (online and offline), that enable Jewish youth working in teams to acquire new knowledge through informal education. The final of the competition will be a meeting of the winning teams from each location, and will take place in one of Ukraine's cities.
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Elena Stamova
Jewish World Project
A series of lectures and workshops on Jewish culture; a search for new lecturers and new topics; a search for new views and new questions on themes related to Israeli culture and the Jewish world. The main areas of focus will be Jewish and Israeli literature, art, music, traditions and cuisine. Within a friendly atmosphere, covering two Shabbatonim, participants will be able to learn and meet others.
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Egor Vradiy
History LABS
History Labs is an informal educational project designed to attract and engage young Jews through the study and promotion of Jewish cultural heritage, with a specific focus on Dnipro and Zaporozhye as centers of Jewish revival in Ukraine, and a general focus on the region of Central and Eastern Europe.
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Nadejda Mayorova
Limmud Jewish Studies Labs
Limmud Jewish Studies Labs is an educational project in large cities of Ukraine for newcomers to the Jewish community who are just starting to learn about Jewish life. The program will teach them basic concepts and principles of the Jewish calendar, as well as basic Jewish literacy and skills including baking Hallot, making Havdala spices, rules of kashrut, familiarization with traditional Jewish dishes, uniqueness of Israeli cuisine, making Shabbat and Havdala candles, singing Shabbat songs.
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Olga Spesivich
Active Jewish Parents
Active Jewish Parents (AJP) are enterprising Jewish parents who come together around the idea of volunteering in order to develop together and develop and strengthen their community. The idea of the project is to give parents the opportunity to apply their skills, knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of the wider community.
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Shmuel Podrez
Jewish Holidays Marathon
Through this initiative we are launching a series of events for young Jews in the major cities of Ukraine, based on the major and cheerful Jewish holidays, that will allow participants to make new friends, enjoy community in a friendly atmosphere while observing and learning about Jewish traditions, and thereby instill in young people a desire to engage with their local community and celebrate their Jewishness.
Дополнительная информация
Volga-Urals Region
Local coordinator
Vitaliia Levina
Parents club "Haverim Tovim" (Good Friends)
This is a family project for parents and students in Jewish schools aimed at building community through the study of Jewish traditions, customs, festivals and holidays.
Alexander Kordonchik
Hinuch (Education)
The Hinukh project provides an opportunity for Jewish youth to gain basic knowledge in the field of informal pedagogy and experience in organizing and conducting large-scale events in the Jewish community. Participants will meet with informal educators, psychologists, specialists from volunteer centers and Limmud FSU organizers. Project alumni will organize a seminar for Jewish youth from Kazan and the Volga region.
More information
Irina Halitova
Ecological project – "GREEN"
GREEN is a Jewish environmental project. The Jewish approach will facilitate our considering the topic of environmental friendliness from new perspectives and through the prism of related areas, and to pose new questions about modern approaches to ecology. As part of the project, we will consider such topics as internal ecology, contemporary climate problems, the relationship between ecology and Judaism, sorting of waste, eco-friendly architecture in Israel, and eco-friendly fashion. During the course of the project we will apply new knowledge and skills, and begin to change the world around us.
More information
Simon Korentsvet
Jews & Jobs
An entertaining and educational Jewish project for youth and young families. Ten events will be held under the general theme of professions in the Jewish world. Each event will take place on Saturday and will be combined with the havdala ceremony. The meetings will use a variety of entertainment and educational formats; each one will focus on one of the professions related to Jewish culture.
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Jewish Volga Tour
The goal of the project is for young families to get to know each other, to learn about Jewish tradition and history, and encourage their involvement in volunteer-based activities and community projects through a playful approach that includes learning about the history of their families and significant historical sites in the region.
Alexey Zaydman
CinemaMidrash is a project that combines viewing films with Jewish content and heated debate about what each viewer understood or learned from the film, what the writer and creator wanted to say, what questions remained unanswered, and what the main messages conveyed by the film were.
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USA West Coast
Local coordinator
Svetlana Kroz
Natalia Tsvibel
Bible Stories in World Art
The stories of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) have inspired artists for tens of centuries. Each era in the history of mankind reflects these stories in its own way and is, in turn, reflected in them. To trace the changes in the depiction of these plots, to understand how they attracted artists in different periods of history, to be surprised at the modernity, or rather, the timelessness of these stories – all this is the aim of our project.
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Alla Litvinov
J Roots
Two or three-day long activities in the forest, where there is everything necessary for sport, recreation and Jewish education, in order to spend a family Shabbat or celebrate a Jewish holiday in a warm atmosphere and in the company of young Jewish families. Lectures, open-air workshops in a mini-Limmud format, music, sport, bonfires, and much more.
Inna & Marina Drouz
Jewish Savvy
Cycles of educational games, "Jewish ingenuity: entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, humor." Each event includes a mini lecture and a game. The lecture will be about famous Jewish businessmen, politicians, intelligence agents and humorists. The game will then expand on the theme by covering general knowledge about the specific era of Jewish history covered by the lecture.
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Ilana Baird
Israel in Slippers
On-line sessions with the best tour guides from Israel will take our RSJ audience for a stroll through some of the most exciting tourist sites in Israel – without their even having to get up from the couch or take off their comfortable house slippers! Ancient and modern history will come to life before our eyes!
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Western and Central Europe
Local coordinator
Ilona Dlin
Svetlana Müller
Jewish art in a metropolis; emancipation as a Jewish art phenomenon; creativity as a connecting link for communities around the world. These and other topics make up the essence of #PANDAkesher. In Israel, Russia, Germany and around the world, modern Jewish artists, performers and musicians create relevant art content, and this is what we wish to convey to our Berlin audience.
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Orit Interbrik
Jewish Life of Paris
Our task is to create a community for Russian-speaking Jews living in Paris and its environs, geared to their particular interests, feelings and status to arouse a sense of belonging and unity with other members. We refer to the Jewish holidays, life in Israel and include other relevant topics and personalities that will be of interest to our participants.
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Alex Feller
Vienna Mind Games Club
Familiar and long-loved intellectual games, like 'What? Where? When?', 'Brain Ring', 'Mad Head' and many others, traditionally unite and delight game masters who live in different countries. Now this opportunity is available in Vienna too. Participants will take part in an intellectual game, "Question to Question."
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Larissa Deichman
Our goal is to unite young Russian-speaking Jews, living in the area of Wiesbaden, Mainz and Frankfurt am Main. They stayed away from the Jewish community and we would like to motivate them return to their Jewish roots and traditions, to help strengthen their sense of belonging to the Jewish people and spiritual connection with the State of Israel, to expand knowledge about history, culture and philosophy of the Jewish people, about various schools of Judaism and about the State of Israel.
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Ella Nilova
Leader-Ship Project: All on a Board
LeaderShip Training "All on a Board!" is aimed at empowering graduates and madrichs of the International Camp "Jewish ArtEck" and to ensure the sustainability of the long-term experience of non-formal education of Jewish youth in Germany. The goal of the project is to inspire young Jews with little experience of participation or work in Jewish projects to new activities in the field of non-formal Jewish education. During the project, participants will be able to develop their leadership skills, expand knowledge of the Jewish history and culture, and unite into social, creative and professional groups.
More information
Pavlo Lyubarsky
JP Berlin
Jewish Project Berlin is an initiative for young Russian-speaking Jews and Jewish families in Berlin. It creates a platform for communication and strengthening of connection, based on a common Jewish culture and Jewish worldview. As part of the initiative, a number of educational, entertaining and cultural events and meetings will be held throughout the year.
More information
Elya Yalonetski
Travelling in the images of the Tanakh
We invite you to participate in the artistic and historical adventure "The Main Treasure." Together we will hold a series of events: photo sessions, lectures and meetings, dedicated to images from the Tanakh, the main treasury of the Jewish people, and their interpretations in the world culture.
More information
Nona Blata
Art Box.txt is an online creative Beit Midrash project that allows a wide variety of people from different cities and countries to meet, reflect, share thoughts and create new comments. Our main organizational center is in Riga, and people from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as any other places that have Internet access, are involved into the project. The topics of the meetings are related to the Jewish calendar and its meaning. We believe that it is a good idea to comprehend the present moment through the prism of Jewish texts and traditions.
More information

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